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Colorful Canvas Art (DIY)

 A couple of months ago, I put together a dining room inspiration board that included a lovely piece of art by Emily Green.  She actually has smaller versions for a pretty reasonable price, but since I was wanting something pretty huge, it seemed much less expensive to shamefully attempt to copy it, or at least get the same fun and colorful feel.  Megan had plans this weekend to work on another piece of canvas art that you guys will see soon, so I decided to go ahead and work on my own art at the same time.

I went into Michael’s intending to purchase a large (24″x36″) canvas but they ended up only having 30″x40″ so I figured go big or go home right?  Luckily, the canvas was on super sale for $15 instead of the $40 it was originally priced at.  We also purchased some craft paint, but seeing as how Megan has almost every Martha craft paint color under the sun, we were pretty much good to go.

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