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DIY Crepe Paper Rosette Heart Frame

DIY Crepe Paper Rosette Heart Frame
Crepe Paper Rosette Heart Frame

My good friend Kat (of Kat Spencer Photography) mentioned that she was going to be setting up a photobooth at the Special Arts Festival in Garland this month. She told me about the awesome kissing booth that she was building, and said she was making mustaches and other fun props for the kids to enjoy. "Would you want to help?" she says. "Are you kidding?? You had me at 'mustaches'!" I said. 

Well, actually, she had me at 'photobooth'. I won't deny that I am obsessed lately.

Anyway, I thought it would be cute to make some heart-shaped frames as props, and I wanted to practice my crepe paper flower rolling technique...hence this project was born!

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